Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Announcing our international blogging friends from The Writingmatrix project!!!

Here you can find more information about our project: Writingmatrix. That's our wiki for the project.

These are some of the teachers participating in this adventure:

Nelba Quintana from Argentina: to visit her blog go to http://englishvirtualcommunity.blogspot.com/

These are some of her students's blogs:
(Eugenia's) http://marueugeo.blogspot.com/
(Rosaura's) http://rosaura-etch.blogspot.com
(Matías') http://mbasilico.blogspot.com

Rita Zeinstejer is also a teacher from Argentina and her students are participating in our project, too!

You can visit her podcast at http://caeb2007.podomatic.com/

These are her students' spaces:

Sasha Sirk in Slovenia: http://rostilj.blogspot.com.

Slovene informatics student blogs:
SueAnn http://su4x.blogspot.com/
Matej http://catmanworld.blogspot.com/
Aleš http://bagonales.blogspot.com/
Robert http://kasan-robert.blogspot.com/
Igor http://diverssi.blogspot.com/
Dušan http://dusanpregelj.blogspot.com/; http://motorcycles10.blogspot.com/
Aleksander http://alex4uall.blogspot.com/
Bogdan http://napredek.blogspot.com/
Robert Č. http://planinarjenje.blogspot.com/

Keep post it... I'll be adding more teachers and blogs to visit..... meanwhile... keep on shining and blogging... comments.... we want comments.....

A warm abrazo to you all


Nuvein Foundation said...

Great blog and writing project. I found your widget at widgetbox.com and I just had to install it in Nuvein's blog. Hope to keep up with all your projects.

Nuvein Foundation
Nuvein Blog

doris3m said...

Thanks so much for installing our widget in your blog. I checked both your webpage and your blog and loved the work you guys are doing there. Hope our little project helps produce as great creations as the one you have in your website. Keep up with the good work!