Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicos 20 May-July 09 First term

Well, Congratulations to our Chicos 20 of the first term.. They are Gustavo Hevia and Andrea Ron from C411. From engineering school T711, we have Maryangely Diaz, German Rodriguez, Kevelin Sanchez , Jessica Cuello and Carolina Zambrano. Level 1 S111 says, here we are with: Yuleidys Carvallo, Luisana Escalona, Verioska Millano, Anne Omaña, Genesis Rodriguez and Mireidy Vizcaino. Another class from level 4 is here, too... H411 and the Chicos 20 are: Stefano Gozzo, Maireny Castillo and Alejandra Nelson.

R411, Gonzalo Urdaneta. R412, Norana Cifuentes ... Nora has collected great videos with lyrics to practice your English.. go and check her blog. S511, Helen Benitez.

M411, Rebeca Arocha, Aymet Granadillo, David Ortega, Aurybelys Viloria and Raquel Zambrano.

The Best Class was G222, they didn't get a 20 but all of them pass their term. Congratulations to all of them...

D411, Mayra Abreu and Francisco Cardenas.

Last but not least, D522: Carla Andara, Janitmar Gonzalez, Keren Salas and Eliel Subero.

Please, visit their blogs and leave them a little message to congratulate them on their effort.


Ruth Vilmi said...

Hi Chicos,
I'm sure you enjoyed your course with Doris - she's such an active, lively teacher:-)
I used to teach at Helsinki University of Technology. I'll try to find time soon to browse through some of your blogs.
Smiles from sunny Finland:-)

rebeca said...

OMG!!... That's soooo cute!!... Thank you so much!!... We love you... Teach!!