Monday, August 18, 2008

A beautiful song....about us... people from Zulia!

This is a beautiful song with lots of photos about our State! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. This video was posted by Eduardo Morales. He's a member of Quinto Criollo, our most representative musical group in our region.

Quinto Criollo is a local musical group whose members have dedicated 34 years of their lives to make our people happy and proud of their culture and heritage. This musical group was born on May 21 1971. Amada Campbell, Eduardo Morales, Francisco Arrieta and Lisbella González started their presentations at universities and schools.

In 1973,Hernán Gamboa, a cuatro player from Serenata Guayanesa, invited them to create their own music. In 1976, they recorded their first album (listen to it here), produced by maestro Hugo Blanco composer of "Moliendo Cafe", its cover was designed by Francisco “Paco” Hung, one of the most important painters of our coutry. That year they were on National television. They were invited to participate in the Venezuela Siempre Venezuela show in Venezolana de Television.

In 1978, they recorded Canción del Barco Velero dedicated to the children and in 1979, Navidad Criolla with the maestro Simón Díaz.

In 1981, different reasons made them decided to stop recording or going on tours. For twelve years they remained silent but in 1993, decided to come back. Rafael Soto and Nectario Sánchez, joined the group substituting Iván Burgos and Francisco Arrieta. That year, they won the Premio Nacional de la Canción Popular.

In 1999 they recorded "Como el río" with two new members Mildred González y Edilio Lugo

In 1996, on their 25th aniversary, Quinto Criollo was named Patrimonio Cultural de Maracaibo, and received the orden “Ciudad de Maracaibo”.

In 2001, On their 30th Aniversary, they celebrated with a concert where Serenata Guayanesa, Gualberto Ibarreto, Cecilia Todd, Huáscar Barradas and Ricardo Cepeda accompanied them.

They have been singing to us for 37 years now. Congratulations to Amada Campbell, Mildred González, Rafael Soto, Eduardo Morales and Nectario Sánchez. We are very proud of you because your life's work has been dedicated to represent us all over the world and the time.

We are specially proud at URBE because one of its founding members, Amada Campbell is one of our EFL professors and dear friend. Also, Eduardo Morales' son.... Eduardo Morales Jr., an engineer and EFL teacher, was part of our Staff at the URBE's ESL Language Center.

Source: El cuatro Venezolano, sabor gaitero, salvavinilo


Eduardo said...

Beautiful Doris... Just beautiful

doris3m said...

Thanks Eduardo... one question... why do you think this post is beautiful?