Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100 stories to practice your English

I visited teacher Berta Leiva's blog "Let's keep in touch"and found this excellent resource for you to practice an improve your English. 100 free short English stories for ESL learners with listening, grammar, comprehension, and dictation exercises.

Hope you enjoy it.


Saša said...

Thanks, Doris. I bookmarked this site, looks interesting. BTW I tried to check your student's question at Ning but got the message that I need an invitation to do this...

Berta said...

Wow, Doris, I am really flattered!!! Thanks for visiting mu class blog this term and I am happy you found one of the links interesting and helpful for your students.
Since our main objective (and almost the only institutional one) is reading comprehension of EST, I am always on the outlook for sites that we can read.
All the best and glad we can be in touch more often now. You do a great job with your students. BTW, are they language majors or engineering/science students?
Cariños, Berta

doris3m said...

I got students from all disciplines in different levels... Right now, I am teaching a group that includes iformatics, electronics, computer science and industrial engineers you can read about what we are doing at our English for work Blog... there is with their blog links ... you can visit and check them out... This is the link to the blog ..http://doris3meflcenterenglishforwork.blogspot.com/ for the list of blogs, look for bloggers of the world entry.. Hope we can do something together. A warm hug for you my friend.