Friday, January 11, 2008

Go Venezuela go! Girls and Boys go to Beijing!

Frank Solomona wrote on his blog Rapids Volleyball that ......Venezuela will have both its Volleyball teams at Beijing Olympic Games. A first time ever for the Men’s team, qualified in Argentina, and the same for the Women’s squad, which won as well the South American Olympic Qualification Tournament.

Can you believe it? Isn't it exciting? Our country is participating in the next Beijing Olympic Games. Let's congratulate our volleyball teams and wish them the best luck in the next Olympic Games. I used to play it when I was in high school, but once I started the university I didn't play it anymore. Sometimes I wish I had more time to play sports... I just watch them on TV.

What do you think? Do you like volleyball? Do you play it?

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Frank Solomona said...

Hi Doris,

Just seen your comment on my Volleybal Clubs Website in New Zealand. Venezuela done real well to Qualify in both Men's & Women's Volleyball for the Beijing Olympics. I don't know much about Venezuela's Volleyball Teams, but I know your country is big on Soccer, now it should be time for Volleyball to take off in Venezuela.
I say people should challenege themselves to take the time to learn the sport. Its hard to start with, can take months even a year to learn, but it is worth it, so much fun and it is a true game of Chess.

Cheers Frank.