Monday, May 23, 2011

What does it mean to "know" a word?

Wow! This is an excellent presentation made by a wonderful English teacher. Her name is Kalina and her blog is called Kalina English.    It's  a great way to understand what it really means to know a word... watch the presentation and ask yourself... Do I really know that word?

This was made by using google documents.. :) another excellent tool. Now, she also explained how to use this presentation and how to share it.. so feel free to embed it in your blogs..

* To view in full-screen, see the icon on the right of the black box with slide numbers.
* To embed it on your own site, click on menu to grab the code.
* To embed in a Ning or other learning platform save your own copy and upload into the GoogleDocs app.
* To share this blog post with colleagues, tap on "bookmark" button at the bottom of this post - above the retweet button - and click on the social-networking/envelope/print icon.
* To send just the document to someone, right click over THIS LINK and select the option to copy the link-address then insert this into an email.

Hope this help you to improve your vocabulary...
Keep on shining Love and Peace!

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jean c said...

excellent advice ....