Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bloggers May-July 2010

Welcome to Bloggers of the May-July 2010 trimester !!!
Hope you find blogs as a tool to learn, practice, adventure, collaborate, share, create and have fun... smiles...

Level 1


Wilmary Salas
Edinson Puche
Brigget Bonilla
Genesis Barboza
Mary Angelica Peña
Wender Alejandro Ferrer
Maryhen Pagés
Elluz Colina
Norianny Pedroza
Nathielena Araujo
Brayan Longa Cardozo
Estefania de Lima
Johana Luzardo
Leidy Escalante
Angel Gonzalez
Alfonzo Garcia
Andrea Morillo

veronica Marquez
Lismar Molaya
Edgar Hernandez
Fabiana Rosales
Estefani Osorio
Johanna Luzardo
Leidy Molina

Kamal Salim
Marian Vargas
Liliana Morales
Brigget Bonilla  
Maria Nava

Yusely Olivares
Genova Gonzalez 
Jennifer Aguilar
Jose Linares
Patricia Valle
Nurangely Carroz
Fernando De Sousa
Marianela Mendez
Reveca Nuñez
Mileidys Gutierrez
Fabiana Bello
Jahnny Gonzalez
Shirley Sarcos
Andres Avila
Maria Vera
Esequiel Angel
Yerilin Perez

Yonexy Alvarado
Maria Fernandez


Diego Portillo
Jose Calderon
Carla Cabrera
Daniela Aranguren
Daniela Navarro
Jesus Atencio
Adriana Zambrano
Eduardo Hernandez
Luis Arroyo
Adelaine Bermudez
Mayrenys Espina
Yerfran Bolivar
Edgardo Cubillan
Ednnys Bravo
Maviely Castillo
Jorge Fuenmayor
Mayrenys Espina
Mariana Cardozo
Ruben Fuentes
Victoria Gonzalez
Milagros Samarriba
Maidreth Iguaran
Jhon Fernandez
Nerio Rondon
Maria Gonzalez
Carlos Urdaneta
Maygregor Moran
Eduardo Hernandez
Friner Rivas
Americo Pacheco

Level 2

Mariely Velasquez
Virginia Boscán
Gaby Barrios
Nancy Gomez
Gabriela Barrios 

Daniela Urdaneta
Alice Molero
Maria Villanueva
Licsandro Matos
Josefany Peña
Irma Bermudez
Julio Castellano
Franklin Hernandez
Brenda Morales
Geraldine Rincon
Eudy Montiel
Rebeca Anzola
Emily Anahole
Sulmary Altamar
Michele Caringella
Jose de la Cruz


Deirvin Altahona
Angélica Segura
Vanessa Barrios
Elyzabeth Gutierrez
Orlando Guerrero
Victor Mejias
Gerardo Bozo
Roselvy Perez
Euro Rodriguez
Daniela Di Evangelista

E 211
Gabriela Piña
Maria Sulbaran
Cherly Merlano 
Gerardo Hernandez
Mariangel Suarez
Xaimar Diaz
Greibys Garces
Naikelis Bustanie
Nestor Diaz
Mariangel Cardenas
Kimbe Quintero
Yeniree Villasmil
Genesis Perdomo
Heiser Martinez

Level 3
Vanessa Sanchez
Almaris Montiel,
Alberto Mendez
Cesar Moises
Alberto Mendez
Edgardo Cubillan
Argenis Zabala
Ricardo Soto
Bryan Pinto
Nubia Navarro
Laura Delgado
Andreina Alves
Miguel Rivas
Laura Fuenmayor
Raul Anciani
Michel Escalante
Ninoska Sosa
Paula Medrano
Giselle Cuenca  
Veronica Villalobos

Level 4

Michelle Bustamante
Mariangelica Jiménez
Eddie Hernandez
Mariel Inciarte:
Kingberlyn Ochoa
Any Salas
Saskia Bonillo
Ylluz Gonzalez
Victor Cuartin
Yuliana Chacon
Yuletzy Contreras
Martha Gonzalez
Andres Arrieta
Daniela Soto
Miguel Quintero


Katherine Feria
Dessire Rincon
Roberto Rodriguez
Dougletsyt Villalobos
Arleth Duartes
Mayerlin Chacin
Nayara Urdaneta
Yoxely Jordan
Angel Sandoval
Yris Ruiz
Nayara Urdaneta
Alexander Arteaga
Yessica Barreto

Level 5

Sarina Ferini
Erika Tapias
Javier Garcia
Fabiana Rosales
Julio vilchez
Brigette Rincon
Fernando Villalobos
Angel Tineo
Sirly Castellano
Isbellys Amaya
Iluhec Cabrera
Yusely Vargas
Angelica Perez
Digleynis Villalobos
Angel Tineo
Yohanmary Paez
Andrys Bracho
Angela Huneidy
Rodemar hernandez
Yosimar Medina
Ysbelys Amaya
Barbara Escantin
angelica perez
Luis Garcia


Remii said...

Awww *_* Ke lindura nosotros... aqui esta mi blog profee :P

Andrys Bracho said...

Profe soy de la seccion S511 my name is Andrys Bracho you can find me