Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haloween.. is almost here... Spooky Fun

The scariest night of the year. All around the world, people celebrate spookiness.

On 31 October there are loads of Halloween traditions. If you go to a party, expect stuff like:
  • Scary fancy dress
  • Making pumpkin lanterns
  • Trick or treating
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Telling ghost stories
But not everyone agrees with Halloween. Some religious people believe that making a game out of evil spirits and witches is wrong.

  • The British Council site has a spooky language game.. with Halloween words....want to try it? 
  • A haunted house has lots of scary things in it - ghosts, skeletons and lots more! Can you find objects in the haunted house? Click on level 1 or level 2
  • And A Halloween story: The Magic Spell.
  • Billy and Tom are pretending to be wizards. They are making a magic potion. Watch, read and listen to the story. Will the magic spell work?
  • Have you finished the story? Print an activity to do (164KB) 
  • Here you can read about Halloween from Around the World
  • The New York Times has a spooky slide show about Halloween with great photos!
  • How to videos about Halloween at Videojug
  • Halloween postcards
    Now, it's your turn.. these are great resources for you to write your own Halloween post. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and don't forget to let me know and your classmates you posted about Halloween.

    Keep on shining Love and Peace..even on Halloween night... giggles!

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