Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Face for Peace Project: Fireworks for Peace

Peace: It’s up to all of us

My face for peace is an independent peace initiative of the German/Iranian artist Saeeid Dastmalchian and his wife Cordula, launched in October 2012 in Hamburg/Germany for giving face to the wish for global peace. This campaign takes place on line through facebook.

In their invitation they say:

Please show your face for global peace on I am Saeeid Dastmalchian, an artist from Germany. For the realization of a peace book I need 10.000 people who upload their photo for global peace on the website. We will hand over the book to governments, organizations and people with key features, to claim their commitment to world peace. ♥ Please share and join this movement. Thank you ♥

We joined the project to show our faces for peace. It's an excellent opportunity to learn and practice English. Students are talking to the world and their messages are important and meaningful. By using Facebook, the most popular social network, they are participating in a global campaign that allows then to connect with the world and really grasp the purpose of learning a new language. They are excited to see their faces and messages and that they are part of the world. They also are sharing their messages with their friends and family breaking the walls of the classroom, commenting and getting comments from people of the world and getting digitally literated. This opportunity for reflecting on Peace is something that's really important in our country right now. Telling the world our messages becomes both real and meaningful.

We have also invited educators to join and show their faces. Our messages are becoming and example to on how to integrate technology in the English class and start working on multilingualism. You can read our messages at the Facebook group for the project or here:

This is a small video with some of the messages

We are planning to set an exhibition with all the messages in Second Life by the end of this trimester to share with avatars of the world and experiment with a new environment that integrate communicative tools. Also, we'll be making a machinima of the event.

You can join this world Peace adventure... Hope to see your face... just let me know.. :)

Keep shining Peace and Love!

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Silvia said...

Hi Doris, what a great job!!! Congrats dear friend and colleague;o)