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2nd Term Tasks - Jan - Apr 2013

Greeting everyone.. we are in exam week!!! well, hope you all have had fun during the 2nd term. Now, What are some of the task we will posting in our blogs... Well, here they are:

Facebook group tasks:
Level 5 - Crime vocabulary
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Level 5

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Level 2

Level 1

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Level 1

Unit 3
Personal Items - Modern electronics

1. Take a photo of your bag and what it is in it. Describe what you have in there. Here there's an example:  Jessica's blog

I have a notebook in my purse.
I have a pencil in my purse.
I have a pen in my purse.
I have a marker in my purse.
I have a calculator in my purse.
I have earphones in my purse.
I have a student card in my purse.
I have a pendrive in my purse.
I have an antibacterial in my purse.
I have a lipstick in my purse.
I have glasses in my purse.
I have a hoodie in my purse.
I have a cellphone in my purse.

A: What's on the desk?
B:  There's a pencil .There's an eraser. There are books.

2. What's the perfect gift for you? Write a paragraph. Explain what's the perfect gift and why.  Describe it. (heavy, light, new, large)  

A: What's the perfect gift for you?
B: The perfect gift for me is a new cellphone. I love talking on the phone with my friends. The cellphone is new and light.

3. Exercises to practice: write them down in your notebook...You must do them all.
1. This, that, these, those

4. What are these? what are those? what's this? what's that?. Write six conversations. Add the pictures.

A: what are these?
B: They are pens

A: What is that?
B: It's a book.

Unit 4
What are you doing?

1. Make a photo story with photos of people doing things. Write sentences. Use animoto. This is Jessica's animoto video:

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Try our video maker at Animoto.

2. Look for a photo with lots of people doing different things. Write sentences describing what they are doing. Use positive and negative sentences. Look at the following example:

1. The birds are singing.
2. The cat is climbing the tree to catch the poor little birds.
3. Paul is watering the flowers..... Paul isn't reading a book.
4. The ducks are swimming. They're not flying.

This is Kisbel's Blog. Here you can see a model.. Andrea's blog:

3. Interview yourself and two friends about your school life. Record your conversation ormake a video. Use the following questions:

How are you doing?
What's your name?
Where are you from?
what school do you go to?
What trimester are you in?
Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior?
What are your favorite subjects?
what classes are you taking this trimester?
How are you doing in your classes?
This is a model of the interview..

How are you doing?
I'm fine.
What's your name?
My name is Roxanna Bracho.
Where are you from?
I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela.
What's school do you go to?
I go to Law School.
What trimester are you in?
I'm in the 3rd trimester at URBE,
then I'm a freshman.
What are your favorite subjects?
My favorite subjects are
Fundamentals of Public Law and
Family Law.
What classes are you taking this trimester?
I'm taking six classes... five Law classes
and an English class.
How are you doing in your classes?
I'm doing great in all my classes.

Great blogs for level 1

Andrea Diaz
Samer Buitrago
Monica Nuñez
David Melean
Jose Godoy
Jessica Tambo
Geovanna Pinzon
Stephanie Zabaleta 
Kisbel Romero
Yusmary Castillo

Level 2

Facebook group:

Unit 9
Daily Routine and Dating

1. Exercises:
Position of adverbs of frequency - Exercise 1
Frequency Adverbs Multiple Choice
Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Frequency (organize)

2. Photo story!
  • Write a 4 paragraph composition. 
  • Describe your daily activities: morning, afternoon, evenings and nights.
  • Close your composition telling about dating in Venezuela.
  • Draw some pictures, use computer images, or take your own photos. 
  • Use this model to help you tell about your daily routine, habits and frequency. (use always, sometimes, never, etc).

  • PowerPoint + voice recording is a plus!!!!
  • Don’t forget to check with a tutor and use the check speller in your computer.
  • You can make a poster in Glogster or a short video in Animoto
  • Have fun working on your homework... smiles
Unit 10
Home Sweet Home!

1. Draw a floor map of your house or apartment. Use the model in your book and describe it.
2. Tell about four rooms in your house or apartment. Describe what furniture is in them.
3. Describe your favorite room in your house. Use prepositions of place to describe where things are.

* You can record your voice and add images.
* Visit your classmates blogs, read their compositions and leave a comment.
* Don't forget to Make the internet exercises from the on line workbook.
* Check your homework with a tutor. Use the check-speller. Make sure there are not grammar or typing mistakes.

Great blogs for level 2
Andreina Chourio

Level 3

Check the lesson here  Unit 3

1. Complete the chart with 4 items in each category

2. Write a paragraph about your favorite supermarket. Use these questions to help you. 

* what's the name of the supermarket?
* what are the different departments or areas in the supermarket?* what can you buy there?
* Where is it?
* Why do you like it?

3. Write a conversation about going shopping for groceries. You need to go shopping for groceries for a special ocasion. Make a list of the things you need to buy and the things you already have. Use some, any.

4. Write about your favorite place to shop for clothes, music, food, school supplies, a birtday present. Use these questions to guide you:
* what's the name of the place?
* what kind of store is it?
* what can you buy there?
* Where is it?
* Why do you like it?

Before you star working on your composition, draw a mind map with the help of those questions. Explain your mind map and write your composition.
Include a photo of your favorite shop and explain what you see you can buy there: Use some, any, many, much and a lot.
Don't forget to check with your tutor.
Post it to your blog. share your work with your friends in Facebook or Twitter.
Practice your pronunciation participting in the audio forum about shopping.
Have fun.

4. On line Exercises: Please, print your exercises and paste them in your notebook.
Bradley's Multiple Choice Quiz
A / An / Some / Any
some, any in sentences - Exercise 1
a, some or any

Countables and uncountables

Much, many, some, any, a lot of

Exercise 1 - some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little, a few

Check the lesson here  Unit 4

1.  Draw a map of an area from your city or your neigborhood. Write 4 conversations about places in the map. Follow the model.
    A: What can you do in the library?
    B: I can borrow books, study or find information in the library

2. Draw a map of an area from your city or your neigborhood. Write 2 conversations. Follow the model.

A: Is there a supermarket near here?
B: Yes, there's one on Main Street.
A: Where is the supermarket?
B: It's on Main Street. Across from the movie theater. Betwen the shoe store and the cafe.
A: How do I get to the supermarket from the park?
B: Walk up to second Street. Turn left on Second. The supermarket is on the right. Across from the movie theater. Betwen the shoe store and the cafe.

Vocabulary and exercises:
1. Giving Directions
2. Directions to the post office
3. Directions to the cinema
4. A game on giving directions: Hangman
5. How to give directions (complete exercise by BBC)
6. Giving Directions
7. practice phrases
8. Listening exercise

Prepositions of Location
1. Vocabulary
2. Excellent guide to prepositions
2. Exercise

How much . How many
1. Practice

There is - There are
1. exercise

Level 5

Check the lesson here  Unit 3

1. Post the mind map with your group story about a crime. Post the composition explaining the mindmap.

2. - Read a crime story on the news. 

    - Write a summary of the story. Use the following questions: What happened, when? where? .. Add the link where you got the news.
    - Now speculate about it. Use these expressions to write your ideas: I's likely  that..., I doubt that..., I bet that..., It doesn't seem possible that..., It's unlikely that... and there's a good chance that...

3. Work on the exercises with stative verbs:
    - Stative verbs 1
    - Stative verbs 2

4. Write a short story about.. ghost, mystery, urban legend. Use adverbs of manner.

Check the lesson here Unit 4

1. Write a paragraph to describe families in our country and your family. Use the vocabulary discussed in class. Use statistic terms and quantitatives.

2. Ask your friends about trends in your university. Conduct a survey. Write the questions of the survey. Write a report with photos, and statistics of what you found out. How many people did you talk to? what are URBE's trends in fashion, music, discos, movies, ...?

Great blogs for level 5
Augusto Reyes

Erliana Di Leone

Well, remember grammar exercises, dictation, facebook tasks... all must be in your blog, too!

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

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