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Level 2. Unit 9. Daily Routine and Dating

Daily Schedule
I get up at 5:00 am, take a shower and get dressed….

Pronunciation: Sentence stress

Saying hello, asking How is it going?
A. Hey Stuart. How is it going?.
B. Okay, I guess.

Daily activities, habits and frequency
I always get up at 7:30
Mari never has cereal for breakfast
Javier is usually a happy person
Dylan often checks his e-mail in the morning.

Fun Exercise: daily routines, by Cathrine Baldwin
Find this and other daily routines exercises in English Exercises .org

Discuss dating customs
James: In North America, dating in high school is common. What about in Venezuela?
Lucy: That’s very common in our country, too.
James: Are you dating someone?
Lucy: Yes. I am. I’m dating Miguel.
James: When you go on a date to the movies, who pays for the movie?
Lucy: Miguel usually pays but sometimes I pay.

Frequency adverbs: always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never
With the verb to be
Jackie is always late for class

With other verbs
Jackie always gets up at 8:00

Yes/ No and Wh-questions about frequency
A: When do you get up?
B: I usually get up early at 7:00
A: Do you sometimes get up late?
B: yes, sometimes. Most of the time during the weekend.

Position of adverbs of frequency - Exercise 1
Frequency Adverbs Multiple Choice
Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Frequency (organize)

Wh-questions about the subject
A: Who do you work for?
B: I work for Toyota

A: Who works for Toyota?
B: I do
    She does
    Mr. Wada does

Homework for this Unit:
Look at Wendy's day

Photo story!
  • Write a 4 paragraph composition. 
  • Describe your daily activities: morning, afternoon, evenings and nights.
  • Close your composition telling about dating in Venezuela.
  • Draw some pictures, use computer images, or take your own photos. 
  • Use this model to help you tell about your daily routine, habits and frequency. (use always, sometimes, never, etc).

  • PowerPoint + voice recording is a plus!!!!
  • Don’t forget to check with a tutor and use the check speller in your computer.
  • You can make a slide show with Slide or make a poster in Glogster or a short video in Animoto
  • have fun working on your homework... smiles
Keep on shining Love and Peace!!!

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