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Level 3. Unit 3. What do you need? Shopping

A: What's your favorite supermarket?
B: My favorite supermarket is De Candido. I like it because it's clean, spacious and comfortable. I can find most products there. It's   near my house. De Candido is expensive but I like it.

Taken from: Visual Dictioary on Line

At the supermarket

Countables and Non Countables

Social Language:

We need Potatoes!
Keth: Zulimar, I'm making a shopping list for tomorrow's barbecue. We have chicken. What else do we need?
Zulimar: Let's see ... We need some potatoes. Buy five pounds.
Keth: Okay, five pounds of potatoes.
Zulimar: We also need lettuce, bacon and tomatoes for the salad.
Keth: And what about drinks? Do we need any?
Zulimar: No, we don't. We have soda and juice.
Keth: Okay. I'm going to the store. See you in a bit.

Answer the following questions:

1. Why are they making a shopping list?
2. What do they have in the kitchen?
3. What do they need?
4. Who's going to the store?

Expressing need:

A: Do we need any drinks?
B: Yes, we do.
     Yes, we need some.
     No, we don't.
     No, we don't need any.

A: Is there any soda?
B: Yes, There's some soda in the refrigerator.
     No, There isn't any left.

We are out of ketchup. Get a bottle.
We need some soda. Buy a pack of cokacola.
We need two bottles.

Watch the following video about shopping for groceries:

Count/Noncount nouns with some and any

A: Do we have any potaoes?
B: Yes, we have a potato.
    Yes, we have some.
    No, we don't have any.

A: Do we have any lettuce?
B: Yes, we have some.
     No, we don't have any. We need some.


Bradley's Multiple Choice Quiz
A / An / Some / Any

some, any in sentences - Exercise 1

a, some or any

*** With non count nouns, we use measure words. These make the item countable.

a cup of coffe
a bottle of water
a can of soda
a glass of milf/water/juice
a piece of bread/ meat
a bar of soap

*** When you offer something use some or any in the question:
Do you want some/any tea?

Some and Any

At the mall


Work in pairs. Ask your partner the following questions:

A: I sthere a mall in your city?
A: Where is it?
A: What stores are there in the mall?
A: What's a good place to buy clothing?
A: and music?
A: what about a computer?

Language Link: Some/any - much/many - a lot

Homework for this unit:

Read about a girl favorite place to shop. Then write six or seven setences about your favorite place to shop for clothes, music, food, school supplies, a birtday present. Use these questions to guide you:

* what's the name of the place?
* what kind of store is it?
* what can you buy there?
* Where is it?
* Why do you like it?
  • Before you start working on your composition, draw a mind map with the help of those questions. Explain your mind map and write your composition.
  • Include a photo of your favorite shop and explain what you see and waht you can buy there: Use some, any, many, much and a lot.
  • Don't forget to check with your tutor.
  • Post it to our Facebook Group. Share your work with your friends in Facebook or Twitter.
  • Practice your pronunciation by recording the compositon in your cellphone.
  • Have fun.
Keep on shining Love and Peace!!

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