Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome May- July 2015 Classes!

Well, here we are again.... new trimester ... new level.. Welcome, everyone!

These are our classes

The location of the classrooms can be changed. Check our Facebook Group for announcements.


We'll have 3 terms described as follows:

1st term
2nd term
3rd term
Written test
01/06/2015 – 04/06/2015
20 pts
Written test
06/07/2015 – 09/07/2015
20 pts
Written test
27/07/2015 – 30/07/2015
10 pts
Oral  test
03/08/2015 – 06/08/2015

These dates are subject to changes. Check our Facebook Group for announcements. When in doubt as your Professor using private message in Facebook.

Extra Bonus Tasks to improve your English and Heal the world

1. This trimester we'll continue working with promoting peace and collecting caps for kids.

Promoting a Culture of Peace

Culture of Peace: what is it?

As defined by the United Nations, the Culture of Peace is a set of values, attitudes, modes of behaviour and ways of life that reject violence and prevent by tackling the root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations (UN Resolutions A/RES/52/13: Culture of Peace and A/RES/53/243, Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace).


We invite you to participate in our:
My face for peace is an independent peace initiative of the German/Iranian artist Saeeid Dastmalchian and his wife Cordula, launched in October 2012 in Hamburg/Germany for giving face to the wish for global peace. This campaign takes place on line through facebook and their site is

To participate go to their page and upload a photo with your face and a message for peace. Include your name and your country. Don't create the poster, they will do it for you.

Hurry up, they are really close to the goal of collecting 10.000 faces from the world with messages for peace..!!!

We are very proud of all the beautiful faces and messages of hope and love our students from past trimester have shared. They are brilliant.

You can look at our participation here: My Face for Peace Venezuela

In the I declare World Peace project, they say: ....." We agree with John F. Kennedy and other enlightened thinkers that world peace is possible. In fact, we believe that world peace can be achieved in our lifetime."

 They invite us to this:

  " So to help nurture pro-peace thinking and to raise global peace consciousness, as well as to lubricate the process of achieving peace, please post the phrase "I Declare World Peace" on all of your social media sites. We also encourage the use of the official I Declare World Peace hashtag - #IDWP – when posting about this project. Peace, after all, is up to us. Thank you."

Our Blog is in their I DECLARE WORLD PEACE Wall of Support. You can see all the different schools, institutions, bloggers, people supporting this initiative. 

Here you can visit their You Tube channel:  I Declare World Peace 

These are students from our January- May 2015 Level 1 Class.

We also invited professors from different schools in URBE to join us in this little effort to achieve a culture of peace.

For more don't miss our You tube Playlist
This is our first poem it was contributed by our dear Giulio Andre Palazzone, a student from Level 5- Class S711

A million Plastic Caps for Kids
Bring your caps to class and we'll find a way t take it to the Fundacion de Amigos del Niño con Cancer. This trimester we'll be counting how many caps we are contributing to help kids and save the planet.

Use the hashtags #capsforkidsurbe #urbe  #ecotapitas #doris3meflcenter and @FundanicaZulia to promote this project. Do you have more ideas on how to collect more for the kids? Share your ideas with us and let's help those kids.

We'll be using our Facebook Group and Twitter hashtag to communicate and share.. Visit our Channel in You tube: Doris3m EFL Center

Keep on shining love and peace!


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