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Workshop 2 Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Level 1 - Personal Items - Modern Electronics

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Exercise 1
* Work in groups. Make a list of personal items

* Tell what you have in your bag. Add a picture.

A: What do you have in your bag/briefcase/purse/backpack/wallet/pocket?
B: I have a notebook, pens, markers, a wallet, a pen drive, a camera....

Exercise 2
* Describe your perfect gift. Add a picture and describe the gift.

A. What’s the perfect gift for you?
B. A new cell phone. I love cellphones. This cellphone is light, expensive and small.

Exercise 3
* Work on this exercises

1. This, that, these, those
2. More exercise .. this, that, these, those


Level 2 - Unit 9 - Daily activities

Exercise 1
* Make a list of actions you do everyday (4 actions you do in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Exercise 2
* Complete the exercises on pag 90 in your book.
Exercise 3
Work on the exercises on page 93.
Exercise 4
* draw pictures and tell about your daily routine. Include time and frequency adverbs. Use the picture in the blog as a model...


Level 3 - Unit 3- What do you need? -Shopping

Exercise 1
* Answer the following question using your own words.. . Follow the model...
A: What's your favorite supermarket?
B: My favorite supermarket is De Candido. I like it because it's clean, spacious and comfortable. I can find most products there. It's near my house. De Candido is expensive but I like it.
Exercise 2
* Draw a mind map of the sections in a supermarket. Include: Deli, bakery, pharmacy,seafood, meat and poultry, refrigerated section and produce section.
* Add 3 productos to the chart on page 22. (slide 4) Exercise A in your book.
Exercise 3
* Write a conversation following the model on pag 24 (slide 6) Think about the celebration, the menu and the things you need to buy at the supermarket. Make a shopping list. You need to write a conversation, a menu and a shopping list.
Exercise 4.
Work on the exercises on page 25 (slide 7) in your book.


Level 4- Workshop 2 - Memories

Unit 9:

Exercise 1. Answer these questions  in a short paragraph
 Do you have a good memory or a bad memory?
 Do you usually remember things or forget things?
 Do you easily memorize information?
 Do you have good memory for names/faces/numbers?
 What do you usually forget?
Exercise 2.
 write and practice a conversation using expressions of certainty. Follow the model.
 Expressing degrees of certainty
 A: Is your teacher from North America?
 B: Maybe, I am not sure
 C: Yes, she is.
 D: I have no idea.
 A: Yes, she's from North America. She's here only for a year.
Exercise 3
    Look at the chart on page 94 in your book. Complete the chart with some of your childhood memories.
    Draw a mindmap using the information in the chart.
    Write a short composition
Exercise 4
    Complete the exercises B and C on page 93 in your book.
    * Write 5 positive sentences in past about your life.
    * Write 5 negative sentences in past about your life.


Level 5 - Unit 9 - Unsolved Mysteries

Exercise 1
* Watch the following video: Unsolved Mysteries That Will Make You Feel Weird

* Select one the mysteries and tell what it is about.
Kentuky meat shower
Mary Celeste
The sploding head
the dyalov pass incident

* Write sentences about one of the mysteries. Use the expressions:
It's likely (that)....
I bet (that)....
There's a good chance (that)...
Less than 50% possible
I doubt (that)....
It doesn't seem possible (that) rained meat in kentuky
It's unlikely (that)....

Exercise 2
* Look at the picture on page 2 in your book (slide 4). Exercise c. Write two sentences explaining what happened in the pictures. Use past tense.

* Answer this exercise on crime collocations.

Exercise 3
* Check this to know more about stative verbs
* Work on the exercises on page 25 (slide 11)

Exercise 4
* Adverbs: Work on the exercises in your book pag 30 (slide 18)
* Practice your adverbs

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