Saturday, September 14, 2013

Facebook Groups to practice English and connect to the world

Facebook groups are for sharing classroom work, collaborating, sharing ideas, hosting discussions, posting class notes, scheduling reminders, fun activities, meeting teachers and students, singing, watching videos, playing games, asking questions, connecting to the world and materials to help you improve your language...

Our groups:

Doris 3m EFl Center

Intercambios Intermedios

My avatar for Peace

My Face for Peace - Venezuela

A group where you can meet people from the world: 
Real Life English

Things to remember when participating in our groups:

* no mean commenting!!
* give constructive feedback
* respond with supporting outside resources,
* encourage other students


* NOTHING you do online is EVER private.
* Everything you post becomes part of your “personal brand.”

Think before you post

Digital Etiquette of Photos

* post images that are related to the topics discussed or that promote more practice.
* Ask for permission when posting an image that's not yours.
* Post a photo  that won't embarrassed you or the ones in the photo.
* No nudity
* No discrimination
* No political issues

Well, hope this help you improve your use of the language and enjoy communicating and sharing your ideas with the world... Don't forget to have fun and Think before you post!

Keep Shining Love and Peace!
Dr. Doris Molero

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