Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Classes Sep-Dec 2013

Well, a new trimester is about to start... Welcomeeverybody!

This new trimester, we will be learning in a blended connected way. But what is that? you may be asking yourself. Well, let's try to explain what it is about. To start with:
  1. It is mostly about learning and practicing your English both in your classroom and on line.
  2. You will be reading, listening to, writing and talking about different topics in English in class and on line.
  3. It is about learning English using technology. That means we will be using computers, mobiles and internet to find real updated information concerning your different interests. We are going to experiment and play with new ways to learn autonomously. Learning for life. Learning to learn. Learning by doing. We will be watching and listening to videos as well as making videos. We'll have the chance to use different tools to express our ideas and interact with people. We'll connect to the world through our Facebook Group and Twitter
  4. It is about learning and practicing your English in groupsin a community. Be ready to meet students and teachers from the university and the world. Of course, there will be tasks you must complete on your own.
This is a Presentation that summarises the program for our classes:

Well, we can share great memories and have fun in this class!

Keep on shiniing love and peace!

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