Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Level 1 Unit 3. Personal Items - Modern electronics

Personal Items. 

Tell what you have in your room
A: What’s in your room?
B: In my room there is a tv, a computer.

What’s the perfect gift? 
A. What’s the perfect gift for Carlos?
B. A new cell phone. He loves phones

Asking: Is this your cell phone?
A. Excuse me. Is this your cell phone?
B. Yes, it is! Thanks a lot/ No, it’s not.

Buying electronics on the internet. Describing electronic items
I have a cd player. It’s small and easy to use.

Watch the following video: Los Articulos the, a, an - Leccion de ingles online

Singular: a / an
A. What this? / what’s that?
B. It’s an answering machine

Plurals: this/that/these/those

A. What are these?
B: they’re answering machines

1. This, that, these, those
2. More exercise .. this, that, these, those
3. a challenge.. more exercises..

Electronic items: 
Adjectives and nouns
The camcorder is expensive

1. Take a picture of your romm and describe what it is in there.
2. Find three pictures that describe the perfect present for you , your mom and your best friend. Write short sentences.
3. Make an advertisement with electronic items. Describe them.

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