Saturday, March 12, 2011

You've got to think green.. a writing the lyrics challenge!!!

We got to think green!!! Ths is the Challenge!!! Are you up to it?

This was shared by Patricia Morgado from level 2 Can you help us.. write the lyrics? ... I think there's an important message in the lyrics... Just listen to the song and write what you listen to.. you don't have to write the whole song.. just collaborate writing some lines.. and checking if they are right... :) Come on let's practice writing, listening and finding a message in the song... We got to THINK GREEN!!

Let's get started... I will write the first line...

Think about all the things we've done, always looking after number 1

Now it's your turn!!!!

Keep on shining love and peace and..... you've got to think green!!!


Nelson Muskus said...

That's how we got in this awful mess, All I see around is hopelessness

This is it, no more time to waste, could be the end of the human race

Meidelyn Muskus

Anonymous said... !!!!