Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jan-Apr 2011 First Term Exam week!!!!!

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Well, next week... we'll be having our first term exams. So, as a way to remind you what we covered this term I made this checklist for you to know if you have done your homework:

1. Got a blog and my name is in the list of bloggers for this trimester: Bloggers Jan-Apr 2011
2. In my blog I posted:
    a. a welcome post: Welcome
    b. an Opinion about the video Firework: WE are all Fireworks!!!!!!!
    c. Wrote a poem: Fun EFL Task: Writing a Poem
    e. Got an avatar and wrote about it in my blog: Jose Mejias' blog
    d. Posted my lesson homework:

Level 2
   Units 7 and  8 homework: Schedule and celebrations
Level 3
   Units 1 and 2: Personal presentation + physical description, collage- What's people doing: feeling and gestures
Level 4
   Units 7 and 8: Changes and plans, heroes: personal, local, from the past and a modern hero.
Level 5
   Units 1 and 2: collage with people in my life and a high school memory, Describing Food, compare dos restaurants.

3. Registered to My ELT and did my exercises on line. My ELT Codes
4. I am following my teacher in Facebook, Twitter and in the class blog.
5. Shared my work on Facebook and Twiter.
6. Visit and left comment to my classmates' blogs.

Well... Hope you had fun this term and that you have learned and practiced your English and got multiliterated and connected to your community of learning and practice.

Keep on shining Love and peace!

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profe esta es la direccion de mi blog:
visiteme ;)

doris3m said...

seccion?...what level are you, my dear?

veronica said...

hola profe soi veronica rodriguez de la seccion M511 para que me agrege