Monday, June 30, 2008

June 26th.. URBE says NO to drugs!

There are many stories about drug abuse. people dying, getting high, some kids even getting special medical treatments. Some kids do it to be cool, some for stress, and some for curiosity of how it feels. People do drugs because they think that taking drugs will make them feel good about themselves or takes away unwanted feelings, but drugs have other effects. Drugs change the chemicals in our brains, and when those chemicals change our feelings and actions change too.

There are many drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and much more. If your friends ask you take drugs or get high, don't do it. If you say yes, you will get high and do something causing dangerous consequences. Many kids that take drugs think they can hide it from their parents, but they are wrong. Parents always have a way to find out about things that their children are hiding from them. Taking drugs can cause family members to fight and destroy families.

Be smart and think before you act. Don't waste your life in something that is not worth it. Drugs are trouble, so do yourself a favor and stay out of trouble. People who encourage you to use drugs are not your friends. Remember drugs makes you sick and damage your brain. People do crazy things when they are high. For example they may shoot themselves, throw themselves off a roof, or drown themselves in the bathtub! So be cool and stay away from drugs!

Now, How can we help our friends to say No to drugs.... any ideas? Let's us know.

source: Fitness our body our temple
Image: Ten reasons to say no to drugs

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